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planet music

planet music
planet of gold
old or modern art
made of heart and mind
place to find the treasure

pleasure to communicate
to be alive
dive after the pearl inside
bring to light hidden souls
crack the shell

melt into one another
brother sister
get into a state of trance
feel romance
tenderness and love
nothing above

planet music
planet of gold
old as humanity
planet music
planet of love
grateful to be part of

Für John Coltrane
Juni/ Juli 1998

moving underneath african skies
is life
and pain
gotta be wise
in search of new pasture ground
restlessly forward
with giant steps
you're bound
to see god


See! Beyond earth and skies
World of wonders rising bubblewise
A huge slow motion scenery

See the colours
Shining like the art of picasso
Glamorous and glittering

And in the twilight
Deep blue mystical sees
Sense the quiet, listen to,
Feel te peace.

A flush of sensations
Fancy gleaming
Like a halo
Within great big gardens of magic
A circus of curiosities
Full of life
Floating and flittering